Canada’s newest annual gathering of marketing professionals

Expert speakers delivering their knowledge on a host of the hottest issues in Canadian data protection make the Privacy Summit North a must-attend event for progressive marketer or business executive.

This year, sessions on complying with Canada’s complicated mix of health privacy regulations, Québec’s new privacy law, and artificial intelligence and the Data Act are just a few of the topics on an agenda filled with knowledge that operations of all sizes can apply right away.

Leaders across the country’s privacy field will share their insights, discuss trends, offer predictions and share best practices to prepare you for what lies ahead. And we all know, there is a lot that lies ahead for privacy in Canada.

Learn about

  • Privacy and Artificial intelligence.
  • Canadian legislative updates.
  • Cybersecurity and Privacy – two sides of the same coin.
  • Implementing a Privacy Management Program.
  • Privacy-enhancing technologies.
  • Regulatory developments and enforcement.
  • Training and governance.


  • Renew old acquaintances and make new connections with your fellow marketers.
  • We provide many ways to “get your network on” at Summit including breaks, lunch, and a happy hour and after-hours networking opportunity.
  • Meet industry leaders and hear their take on this important new sector.


  • The Changing Canadian Privacy Landscape
  • The volume and velocity of data is increasing at unprecedented rates, offering equally
    unprecedented opportunities for marketers.
  • How can we continue to personalize communications with our customers and prospects while
    complying with these tough new data protections laws?